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I am a freelance troubadour, singer and songwriter, with experience from 2002 in several countries, with hundreds of gigs in all these years, and more than 300 songs in my repertoire. From very old classics to contemporary music, mainly rock and pop, in English, Spanish and Finnish, from tender lullabies to party hits, with a lot of rock tunes, you won’t get disappointed by listening to me.

Interacting with the audience is one of my recognizable features; I consider myself a “human jukebox”. The more people enjoy the gig, the more I do myself.

Settled in Helsinki (Finland) since 2009, I mainly work nowadays in bars around Southern Finland and ships that go to Sweden and to Estonia.

If you want me to play at your bar, or on your wedding, or on your company dinner, or want to give an original present to a friend, or to your beloved, you can contact me and you can choose the setlist à la carte from my repertoire if you wish. But also I can learn a song you really would like to hear.

Singing is my passion, performing my addiction.